Made to do Good Works

It occurs to me that I was not made to live a normal life where I make money to make ends meat, and just get by happily. A Christian is made in Christ Jesus to do good works. Now what those good works are will vary from person to person, but I am sure that staying inside, moping and playing too many video games is not the good works I have been called to do.

Feelings of Inadequacy

I have been thinking of all the things I am incapable of, rather than all the things God can do through me. This has been bringing me down and I have been feeling incapable of doing good. There is not a single achievement to my name that I can say I did without God. I should have faith that God is with me wherever I go, and that he has a place for me.

When things don’t go our way

Sometimes we can plan how we want things to go or plan to do things the same way we've always done them, and when it doesn't go exactly how we wanted we feel like the universe personally offeneded us. Ofcourse it didn't. We are not the centre of this universe, nor are our plans the best plans. God's ways are higher than ours 102% of the time (Isaiah 55:9).

Finding the Time

Do we trust that so long as we seek the kingdom everything else will fall into place? or do we (and I know I do) fall back on our own plans and understanding of what we should seek and when. I hope I can learn to trust that focusing on him is always the way forwards.