Staying Calm Through the Storm

When the 'storms of life' come, it can seem like everything is crashing around us, we feel swamped and helpless. We can take our eyes of Jesus and focus on the waves. Things feel like they are too much for us to handle and we panic. God however, does not panic. God does not think 'oh no, a storm, whatever shall I do?' God is calm.

Does God Answer Prayer?

Have you ever been praying and then you have a thought, then another, and another, and you're all 'one of these could be God, but how do I know for sure?' Well, there's a few ways we can check. I would argue that the number one way God answers prayer (for me, and I suspect for most), is through scripture. If I'm praying God may remind me of a proverb, a teaching, or just a random seemingly unrelated verse. 'But how do I know that isn't just a verse I thought of, or one the enemy put there to distract me?'

Pray it Loud!

"when you pray, say..." (Luke 11:2a). It seems common amongst all but one prayer in the bible (If I am mistaken please correct me) that prayer is spoken. Is this significant?

Finding the Time

Do we trust that so long as we seek the kingdom everything else will fall into place? or do we (and I know I do) fall back on our own plans and understanding of what we should seek and when. I hope I can learn to trust that focusing on him is always the way forwards.