Made to do Good Works

It occurs to me that I was not made to live a normal life where I make money to make ends meat, and just get by happily. A Christian is made in Christ Jesus to do good works. Now what those good works are will vary from person to person, but I am sure that staying inside, moping and playing too many video games is not the good works I have been called to do.

The Ripple of Sin

Sin sometimes seems like the safest, more fun, or preferred route. The truth is that even if we don't suffer the consequences others may. If a person robs another person, the person being robbed is not the guilty party, but they still suffer as a result of the robber's sin.

Asking for Help.

I need to put my pride aside and ask for help when I need it, and I'm sure I can't be the only one who struggles with this. God has equipped his church to serve, and serving is an honour. Let us serve, but also as the disciples had to let Jesus wash their feet, learn to be served also. This is a hard lesson, but a very important one. Jesus thought you were worth dying for, and you are definitely worth helping.