I am a 22 year old Christian selfie taker, theology graduate, and full time youth and children’s worker . I came to know Jesus as my saviour around the age of 14ish, when he revealed to me his love, by loving me through his church. Though I may not have much money, or any A-levels, God has used me and blessed me far more than I imagined was possible.

I now have brothers and sister all over the world, I have spoken before hundreds of people (young and old), been on mission trips and even led one, I’ve even been blessed with a trip to Israel with a dear brother. With God there are no limits to what can be achieved, and I have no hope but Him.

I am writing this blog for a few reasons. Firstly to remind myself of all the things I’m learning, secondly as a discipline, and thirdly because I want to and I can. Hopefully I will update 5 times a week, with weekends off for partying, prayer and petition. Finally, if i quote any bible verses I am probably using either the NIV, NKJV or NRSV, but I encourage you to check the verses out for yourself. I also took all the photos here myself, I’m not a photographer but I like taking photos.

Much love and God bless you: Alex Principle