Finding the Time

Do we make the most of our time? How much time is wasted each day? Jesus never wasted a moment, everything he did was intentional, purposeful and carefully directioned. In the little we know of Jesus’ ministry on earth (the 3 years we have documented) Jesus manages to reach the hearts of all sorts of people and keeps himself clothed and fed. Sometimes it can feel like we have to balance our work life and our personal life, but Jesus doesn’t seem to have that problem. How?

Jesus trusts the Father. Even in storms he is able to have peace (Matthew 8:24). He takes time out to pray (Luke 11:1). Jesus’ first priority was serving the Father, and he knew that as long as he did that he was safe. Sometimes our motivations are not ‘how am I best serving God in this situation’, but rather ‘I need to look after myself by doing what I know is best’. Now God DOES want us to look after ourselves, but the way we do that is by taking everything to him (1 Peter 5:7). Do we trust that so long as we seek the kingdom everything else will fall into place? or do we (and I know I do) fall back on our own plans and understanding of what we should seek and when.

I hope I can learn to trust that focusing on him is always the way forwards. Taking time out in your day to pray will really change your whole direction. If you aren’t moving towards Jesus, you’re heading the wrong way. When I do take the time our to pray and take my issues to God, when I lay them down, he always sorts them out. Time after time has God inspired me to work, provided me free time to see fiends, and reminded me that he is in control. If you want to find the time to get things in order, you need to find the time to hand things over to God and trust that he will sort them.

God bless you and keep you always.

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