The Ripple of Sin

Sometimes when we sin we may think we aren’t hurting anyone. Sometimes we may even think ‘I’m willing to accept the consequences should I get found out’, or perhaps that’s just me. The truth is sin doesn’t just effect us, sometimes sin doesn’t even impact us. In Genesis 12, 20 and 26 we have three very similar stories. In each either Abraham or Isaac tells the leader of a place that their wife is not their wife but their sister. Each time (especially in Genesis 12) it is the people of the land who suffer the consequences of that lie. The people lust after Sarah and Rebekah and God responds with wrath. (There is more to exegete and learn from these passages but that is maybe for another time).

The lie in each time was told because they were afraid that if they were honest they would be in danger, but each time that was not the case. Sin sometimes seems like the safest, more fun, or preferred route. The truth is that even if we don’t suffer the consequences others may. If a person robs another person, the person being robbed is not the guilty party, but they still suffer as a result of the robber’s sin.

Next time sin comes knocking at your door, remember that it’s never got peoples best intentions in mind, even if it claims to. It may seem easier for now, or seem easier for you, it may seem more appealing, but it will always lead to death. Stay strong, know that the path of righteousness will lead to life. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

Only short blogs for this few weeks whilst I write my dissertation.

God bless you and keep you always.

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