How has God Revealed Himself to you?

How has God revealed himself to you? which parts of his character has he emphasized in your life? God never changes and isn’t a different God for everyone, but he does reveal different parts of his character to us at different times. We will go our whole live without ever coming to know him fully as we see only in part (1 Corinthians 13:12). But it’s important to reflect and ask yourself what God has revealed himself as (perhaps a comforter, a friend or parent) and what you want to know him as (perhaps a provider, healer or intimate lover of your soul).

There are plenty of places you can find lists of who God is and corresponding bible verses, here are a select few.

God as:

  • Strength: Psalm 118:14
  • Provider: Matthew 7:11
  • Joy: Nehemiah 8:10 and Psalm 16:11
  • Helper: Psalm 121:2
  • Peace: Isaiah 26:3
  • Refuge: Psalm 46:1
  • Friend: John 15:15

I urge you to reflect on who God has already revealed himself to you as, that you may be thankful and also share this with others who may not have had that revelation of God’s character. It may also be beneficial to ask yourself what parts of God’s character do you struggle with, and why you struggle with it. Some struggle with God as a warrior; Exodus 15:3 says ‘The LORD is a warrior; the LORD is his name’. I also encourage you to dig deeper and discover more and more of who he is. When asking who has revealed himself as to you, also asked how he revealed that: was it through his word? did he reveal himself as a comforter by comforting you? through a friend’s actions?

The one I often struggle with, though it seems obvious, is ‘God is present’. When we sin or be lazy we don’t want to think of God being there, but he always is, and I often neglect to give him my time or full attention. God should have nothing less than our prime-time, not just our spare time, he should be in our minds always, not just sometimes. God is ever present and this is what I need to reflect on and be aware of more often, that I may live in the knowledge of him every day.

God bless you and keep you always.

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