Made to Make things.

We are created in the likeness of a God who creates (Genesis 1:26). We are told to sing a new song to the Lord (Psalm 96:1). We are created to create, and everyone creates; whether its art, ideas, papers or moments, we all create things every day. We can’t create in the same way God can, making something out of nothing. We need something to start with, and we all have something.

What are you skills? Maybe you’re an expert joke teller who can make people laugh, creating a joyful atmosphere. Maybe you’re a poet, who can create beautiful and deep poems. Maybe you have the gift of giving (Romans 12:8). But maybe you think you don’t have anything to offer, but I would like to assure you that you do. Every moment spend with someone, is a moment that can be made special. A ‘good to see you’ can really shape someone’s day. If you can communicate, you can make memorable moments God will work through and touch people’s lives.

Don’t be discouraged from using your gifts, you have them for a reason. When we operate in out gifts we bring Glory to God. Whatever your gifts: talents, abilities or attitudes, I encourage you to use them today.

A Short post, but an important one. God bless you and keep you always.

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