God’s Provision

Just a short post today, I thought I would share some testimonies of times God has provided for me. God provides through a number of ways, but I have found it usually comes through other people. This means we should be ready to let God bless other people through us. Be faithful to God in all your spending; “If then you have not been faithful with the dishonest wealth, who will entrust to you the true riches?” (Luke 16:11 NRSV). God provides more than just food and money, but that’s what these testimonies are about.

Upon returning to uni this year I had barely enough money to get myself food, I didn’t tell anyone this; three nights in a row people offered to buy me dinner.

When I was low on money this summer, which again nobody really knew, someone sneakily put £50 in my pocket whilst giving me a hug.

Someone once put about £150 in my bank account. I called the bank to make sure it wasn’t a mistake, and they told me they’d call me back. They never did.

When I first came to uni, some kind people agreed to help finance me with a very generous amount of money.

Many times I’ve gone our for a meal with a group knowing I probably shouldn’t have, and someone in the group has paid without even asking.

I was on a train heading home at the end of the uni semester, and I was hungry because I didn’t quite have enough food to last the end of that week and hadn’t eaten properly for a few days. The woman next to me offered me her food as she didn’t want it. She also literally offered me her car as she had just got a new one, but i politely refused as i didn’t have a licence.

One day when I was hungry because I was feeling too depressed to eat that week, I had a nap. I dreamt I ate from an amazing banquette and woke up full and with the taste of the food still in my mouth.

Even though my family doesn’t have much, any time I have asked for something (which mostly I am too proud to do, or too worried about inconveniencing/worrying people to do), they have provided more than enough.

God also blessed with with a trip to Israel. I did have to pay some, but the rest was paid by the church. Lots of the pictures on this blog are from that trip. God has taken me further around the world than I ever thought I would go, and taught me things there that I will never forget.

These are just a few times, there are more but these are ones I’m sharing today. Just keep your mind open to God, and have a giving heart. Don’t be afraid to be generous because God looks after us well, and he can use you to bless others.

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