Luke 24

Jesus has been accepted as a sacrifice, He died on the cross and is buried in a tomb.A few days later Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary and some other women (Luke 24:10) were on their way to the tomb with spices and ointments which were for Jesus’ body (Luke 23:55-24:1). Upon arrival they did not find he body, instead two men in shining clothes appeared and told them He is living, and He is risen: they reminded them of what Jesus had said concerning his own death and Resurrection (Luke 24:5-7). The women told the Disciples what they had seen, but they were not believed (Luke 24:11). Even the disciples, who had been with Jesus and heard many times Jesus speak of his own death and resurrection, would not believe these women who were highly valued by Jesus, and highly valued Him. Why would they lie about this thing? Sometimes when the good news is preached people choose not to hear because of who is saying it. But Peter heard and ran to check if this was true (Luke 24:12), he immediately addressed this claim. When we hear some good news we should check it, first with scripture (as the angels reminded the women what Jesus had said), which should be substantial evidence; and secondly in person.

As two disciples are walking, Jesus comes along side them (Luke 24:14-16) and asks them why they are sad (Luke 24:17). Now, God knows why they are sad already, Jesus wants them to really think and question why they are sad. Jesus, also, could be genuinely asking, as they shouldn’t be sad if they had remembered the things He had said to them. The disciples reply and mention the things that had happened to “Jesus of Nazareth, who was a prophet” (Luke 24: 19). How did they so quickly forget Jesus was the Messiah? Their faith was shaken, they had denied Jesus and fled. They had not only guilt but also doubt (Luke 24: 21). They even explain the empty tomb and the women’s testimony with doubt (Luke 24:22-24); perhaps they think the body has been stolen?

Jesus then, ‘beginning with Moses and all the prophets (He) interpreted to them the things about himself in all the scriptures’ (Luke 24:27). This must mean that Jesus is shown through all the scriptures. There is not book of the old testament that Jesus does not see as important, because all of them point to him. They are all relevant because they all point to Him. Furthermore this shows that the NT is not more important than the OT, and Jesus was able to preach concerning Himself using just the OT.

They then invite Jesus to stay with them, and he appears to them over the breaking of bread (Luke 24:30-31). There are a few things to note here. Firstly, if they had not invited him they would not have seen him. Secondly, it is in the breaking of bread (that represents Jesus’ body), that he is truly revealed to us. It is when we focus on the cross that we have a true revelation of who He is.’He had been made known to them in the breaking of bread’ (Luke 24:35). When Jesus died the ‘curtain of the temple was torn in two’ (Luke 23:45): this curtain was what separated God’s concentrated presence from the rest of the world. Now it is torn, God can make Himself known to us, and our eyes can be opened to seeing Him anywhere.

The Disciples, even after having seen Jesus, are afraid when they see him again because they thought he might be a ghost (Luke 24:37). Jesus proves he is risen by proving he is physical: letting them touch Him and eating (Luke 24:39-43). God is as real as you or me, Jesus leaves no doubt in the disciples minds of the reality of the resurrection. Jesus then brings the focus back to the scriptures (Luke 24:44-45). Jesus could have just appeared and led them up the mountain for the transfiguration, but He makes sure to unlock the scriptures for the disciples that they may understand and believe in Him fully.

Jesus then leads them up a mountain, blesses them, and is taken to heaven (Luke 24:50-51). At this the disciples rejoice and worship (Luke 24:52-53). Why should they worship when Jesus has just left them? Perhaps they are thinking of the coming blessing promised in Luke 12:49? Maybe it was because their friend and Messiah, was alive. Maybe it was because they had a revelation from the scriptures that they had never before understood, and realised the truth of the amazing promises of God. Perhaps it is all of this, and more. From this point ‘they were continually in the temple blessing God’ (Luke 24:53). They were there continually, This could mean they were literally in the temple, or that wherever they went they were spiritually in the temple. How can one bless God? what could we offer to make God be blessed? this passage would suggest the answer is this: by spending time with Him. Because of Jesus, we can spend time with our loving father, continually.

I pray that you to can be blessing God continually in your lives and have amazing revelations through the scriptures.

God bless you and keep you, forever and ever. Amen.

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