Luke 19-21

Luke 19: As soon as Jesus speaks to Zacchaeus (19:1-10) and shows him favour, Zacchaeus rushed to serve and does so joyfully (19:7). As a result of Jesus showing love to someone who is poor (poor in the way that they were socially deprived, or an outcast), many were blessed (19:8). When we accept Jesus’ love joyfully, we become instruments of good. Next is the parable with the servants who are trusted with a noble man’s money and told to engage in business (19:13). We notice however that the nobleman/master is hated and the people (not his servants) do not want him to be king (19:14). In the same way, many do not wish to accept Jesus as king. The nobleman then becomes king when he returns (19:15) which is as Jesus upon his return. Two of the servants work and receive a reward (19:15-18) but one of them simply hides the money  and what he has is taken away. This brings more understanding to “Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it” (17:33). The servant who was afraid to spend what little he had, lost everything. We should never be afraid to share what God has given us. Jesus is then welcomed to Jerusalem (19:35-38), but rather than being joyful he weeps (19:41).  What he says next can be interpreted in different ways. He could be weeping because he knows of the great cost about to be paid (19:42), or because he is thinking of those who will suffer (19:44). I am unsure, but will hopefully return and edit something in. Finally we see once again that people come to Jesus to hear him (19:47-48).

Luke 20: people have seen Jesus work and act with authority, and cannot fault him for the things he did; even when he healed on the Sabbath. This is a new challenge they have thought up (20:2) asking who gave him his authority. Jesus diffuses it nicely by asking a question (20:3): a skill many of us could benefit from when we feel backed into corners.Before this however we read that Jesus was teaching and proclaiming the good news (20:1). If Jesus hadn’t died for the forgiveness of sins, what was he preaching?  Jesus then spoke concerning the prophets and himself, where he refers to himself (20:13-17) and once again prophesies his own death. It is interesting that Jesus has the support of the people (20:19), that when the gospel is preached, people love it. Nevertheless, these same people will very soon be yelling for him to be crucified. Jesus states that God is the God of “the living, for to him all are alive” (20:38). This is challenging because we often say ‘they’ve gone to be with the Lord’ or ‘they passed away’ or sometimes ‘they died’, but Jesus doesn’t consider those who are gone from their earthly bodies to be dead at all. We also have Jesus using the OT to support the fact that the messiah is not David’s son (20:41-44).

Luke 21: The widow may give more percentage-wise but I don’t think that’s what the message is here (21:1-4). Jesus tells us that what is given is all that she had to live on; she see’s that giving to God’s kingdom is more valuable than herself. Though it is not in the text, I argue that she is also reliant on God to fulfill her every need. Though she is poor she trusts God will provide enough for her.The things of this world no matter how precious they seem to us, will fade (21:5-6). We are told told that some will be put to death for Jesus’ name (21:16), but also that not a hair on the head will perish (21:18). This seems contrary. If we link this however to God being God of the living, not those perishing, we can conclude that we are ensured of our salvation if we endure (21:19). furthermore we are encouraged that when we see signs of the end coming  to stand up and raise our heads, knowing our redemption is drawing near (21:28). Once again we are reminded of how the world is temporal but God and his words are eternal (19:33). We are then reminded to be prepared for when Jesus returns (21:34-36), but this time we are told to guard our hearts (21:34) which links to proverbs 4:23. Finally it is stressed that people would wake up early to listen to Jesus; they valued his teaching (21:37-38). Though he could heal and do other miracles, the thing they wanted every day was to hear his word.

Also PK is back so hopefully we will discuss more of Luke together. This is a great blessing to me. There is little I enjoy more than discussing the bible and learning with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Today is a good day and I feel good. Which is good. The only improvement would have been a free hair cut or the return of Jesus.

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