Reflection: conversations with my dad.

My dad is not a Christian, but he is a wise man. My dad may not know it, but God speaks to me loudly through him. My dad does not want me to worry about anything; money, food, accommodation, the future, whether or not I am loved. My family has lost a lot (perhaps I shall write about this another time), but God has taught us through that the value of life and importance of family. If i ever ask my father to borrow or to have something he says “if I’ve got it you can have it”. The father in the parable of the prodigal son says something similar to his son: “everything I have is yours” (Luke 15:31). God does not want us to worry, and is not hesitant to provide for us. We should never forget the great riches we have in Jesus. To repeat myself, the riches we have. Not will have, or can have, but do have (Eph 1:3).

Further to this, my brother and I were discussion religion with him the other night. This is maybe where I heard the best explanation of the gospel in my life so far. My father said this “Jesus had something that he wanted to share with everybody“, “but it’s about power, people like to have power but Jesus was trying to give to to everyone“, “It’s that simple it can’t be bad” (my apologies to any Calvinist readers).

Of my few years of being a Christian, I have never heard the gospel described so simply, nor have I heard it described as simple. My dad did not use those exact words, I wish I had written them down sooner. I try to talk to my father about faith, explaining that Jesus is the only time of all the religions where God comes down, where salvation is offered certainly and freely to those who accept Him. But I believe this revelation was given to him by the Holy Spirit. We never know which seeds will grow, but never lose faith in sowing. I pray now, that my dad accepts Jesus as his saviour.

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